3 Benefits of Consuming Smoothies Regularly

3 benefits consuming smoothies regularly

Smoothies are trendy nowadays. But we can say that it’s the good kind of trend. Why? Because smoothies is actually can boost your vegetables and fruits intake and it’s really delicious. In fact, drinking smoothies may be healthier than drinking your favorite juice.

Why smoothies is healthier than juice

While smoothies and juices both may have similar sugar content, smoothies are proved to have higher protein and fibers than juices. So you can say that drinking smoothies are healthier than drinking juices. The reason is that Juicing leaves behind a pulp, which contains fiber and nutrients that you end up tossing away-and thus you lose most of the benefits of whole fruits and vegetables while blending a smoothie preserves fiber that can deliver an extra boost of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. Furthermore, If your smoothie includes yogurt or milk, you get some calcium too.

So, specifically, there are some benefits you can have if you consume smoothies regularly and they are:

benefit consuming smoothies

the benefits of consuming smoothies

Have a healthy digestive system

It’s been known that smoothies –especially green smoothies will give you nutrients that improve your digestive system. It’s because fiber is contained in most of the leafy and green vegetables. So, when they’re combined with the drinks included in smoothies, it becomes beneficial to promote your bowel functions. And also, the people who consume green smoothies regularly will usually eat fewer foods that have high sugar and fat levels, helping to improve digestion.

Increase endurance

Besides improving your digestion system, smoothies are also known to boost energy. The participants of endurance sports are known to drink smoothies to boost energy after finishing their workout. It’s not just the calories, carbohydrates, or the protein that help the energy, but also vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids that are found in smoothies that help to optimize a good health condition.

Boost skin health

In addition to the benefits we’ve mentioned above, don’t forget to take note that smoothies, especially green smoothies, are also rich in antioxidants. All the antioxidants found in green vegetables will help to prevent inflammation that causes skin irritations, and phytochemicals protect against wrinkles. So, it’s a must-drink for your skin health!

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