Review: The best bullet blenders

honest review: the best bullet blenders

Bullet blender isn’t the same with larger countertop blenders. Bullet blender is a compact blender that allows you to make a delicious and healthy morning smoothie or protein shake.

Drinking a smoothie in a travel cup is easier than eating whole fruits and veggies. It’s also more comfortable to blend the entire fruits and vegetables than cutting them when you already have a busy morning routine. A personal blender makes your healthy morning routine feel smoother.

Besides fruits and veggies, you can include fresh or frozen vegetables, berries, nuts, seeds, spices, and oats, paired with liquids such as milk, juice, yogurt, coconut water or almond milk. You know, there are just a lot of possibilities.

Furthermore, you can also use bullet blenders to heat up your soups, sauces, and desserts. If the blade is strong and sharp enough, it would be fine if you put certain whole fruits or vegetables without peeling them. If you have a kitchen in a limited space, a compact blender could be the only blender you’ll ever need at your home.

So, here’s our most favorite bullet blenders:

1. NutriBullet Balance

nutribullet balance

nutribullet balance

The good: 

NutriBullet Balance is not only a great product. It also has a smart functionality: an in-built weighing scale to perfect your smoothie.

Nutribullet Balance looks sleek and streamlined. As with all blenders, it produces noise. But despite a 1200w motor, it produces less sound compared to the other blenders with similar power.

The app recommends a standard blending time of 45 seconds to produce a silky-textured smoothie, but you only need 30 seconds to blend everything if you’re rushed in the morning.

If there’s a distinctive thing about NutriBullet Balance, it’s the app it pairs with.

Linking to the free NutriBullet balance app via BlueTooth (available on the App Store or Google Play) is very easy. It will give you assistance in the world of blending. Some of the functions are real-time nutritional data, an impressive number of recipes, and a recipe creation tool that comes up with concoctions based on what’s already in your larder.

The beauty of all this is that the app takes the guesswork out of blending – it’s particularly useful for making sure smoothies don’t end up overly sugary, but are still tasty. You could also make choices based on my personal dietary preferences. 

Overall, Nutribullet Balance is impressive – the NutriBullet Balance can be an upgrade on your previous blender. It will help you to sustain a healthier lifestyle and improve your eating habits. 

2. Breville Colour Mix Family Personal Blender

Breville Colour Mix Family Personal Blender

Breville Colour Mix Family Personal Blender

£34.96, John Lewis

The good: it’s cheap, and it works!

The ColourMix Family Blender by Breville comes with two 600ml and two 300ml sports style bottles for blending on the go.

However, both models have only 300w power, making them significantly less powerful than the bullet blenders featured above. It struggles to chop things like carrots properly and takes a lot longer in general. However, it works perfectly well for a simple morning berry breakfast smoothie, and for fruits such as peeled mango and kiwi.

This blender produces frothier, creamier drinks. It also has a citrus juicer attachments, in case you want to juice oranges and lemons directly into the bottles, as well as the usual power base and standard blade attachment. The easy to grip bottles themselves are BPA free, durable, shatterproof, odor resistant and dishwasher safe.

The Breville is a starter pack for adding smoothies into your routine. Unfortunately, the bottles don’t have a full mouth and are tall and slim, so it can be quite difficult to clean them after they’ve been left for a while.

3. Vitamix Ascent Blending Beaker attachments

Vitamix Ascent Blending Beaker attachments

Vitamix Ascent Blending Beaker attachments

£99, Lakeland 

The good: Buying a countertop blender with bullet attachments could be a better option if you’re after a two-in-one buy.

While larger Vitamixes such as the latest A3500i Ascent are great for kitchen creations of a grand scale, they’re not so good for smoothies to go – unless, that is, you buy their blending beaker attachments to go with them. This gives you all the possibilities of both the sizeable Vitamix Ascent (for making dough and batter, frozen cocktails, soups and nut butter in bulk, as well as smoothies,) and all the benefits of a personal bullet blender, too.

The 1200w A3500i Ascent is a great blender to use at home to cook for a crowd and for food prep. The lids are ergonomically designed – they were the most pleasant to drink from of all the bottles, beakers, and flasks I tried.

4. Lakeland Personal Blender and Smoothie Maker

Lakeland Personal Blender and Smoothie Maker

Lakeland Personal Blender and Smoothie Maker

£39.99, Lakeland

The good: An easy to store blender with hidden features that do the job well.

The 600ml capacity measuring jug-cum-blender has a handle and dual measurements (ml and oz) and even hides a secret 30ml measuring cup within the lid. The blending jug isn’t so portable, but it comes with a snazzy 600ml sports-style bottle in which to pour your smoothies.

This has a power of 350w, so it’s slightly more potent than the Breville. And it worked perfectly well to make a smoothie with frozen pineapple, desiccated coconut and coconut milk, or anything else you want to make.

The overall design is compact, so it’s a good blender for one person to use in a small kitchen. It has both an on/off button for continuous blending and a pulse button.

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