Portable Blender – does it really give a positive impact?

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With social media that drives our digital world now today, there seem to be more health influencers rise to the surface. They often influence our minds that we need to start a diet right now using their products.

Among all the promoted products, there is an exciting product which is called a portable blender.

According to research and any other report ranging from a number of customers and digital marketing points of view, Blendjet is the most successfully marketed product on the market. But it also has competitors such as Blendmate One or PopBabies portable blender.

But before we dig more in-depth about the brand, we need to know something: is it really true that juice and smoothies, especially the self-made ones, are healthier?

The impact of juice to weight loss

Many doctors claim that it’s essential to add a lot of fruit and vegetables into your diet. However, is juicing the most excellent way to do this – especially if you’re attempting to lose some weight?

Some studies have revealed that juices are actually not as fulfilling as consuming solid food. Even though it’s comfortable to consume a lot of fruits and veggies when they are turned into a drink, but this method can’t make you feel like you’ve eaten enough already.

In 21-day research comparing the impact of juices and healthy foods on appetite (with 34 healthy, lean, and overweight people), those who were obese described being significantly more starved after a regular meal when they drank juice, compared with when they consumed the whole fruit.

Apparently, the form of the fruit they consumed didn’t matter much in this research. The result was still the same.

Store-bought vs fresh-made juice

Even though juice won’t promote weight-loss, juicing at home surely have a lot more health advantages than store-bought juices.

We found that many drinks were loaded in sugar, with one solution clocking in at almost 2000kJs, which is the equivalent of an average meal.

On the other side, if you choose to juice at home, you can measure what goes into your smoothie and juice.

The question is: which portable blender we should buy? Is expensive means better quality?

We review Blendmate One and other portable blenders

We conducted a review of some portable blenders. We will categorize them using these aspects:


Before we jump into details, we need to see how we differentiate the “quality” first.

In our opinion, quality could be about how well the blenders could mix the juice or smoothies – mixed very well or able to turn all stuff until zero-filtrate. It means it’s heavily associated with the strength of the machine. 

When you buy blenders that are priced at the hundred-something, you will get what you called a perfect “juice” or “smoothie.” However, they are similar in terms of “useful” because you can bring them anywhere.

One simple note from us: do not buy a curiously very cheap product because they usually get broken easily.


Portable blenders have various blending cups. So, you might need to take a look at your preferable size before buying one.

For example, you might want to make smoothies not only for yourself but also for your travel companion or your family when you have a picnic together. In that case, the size of the blending cup will be vital for you. We’ll also cover this aspect in our review.

Design and convenience

The next aspect we’ll cover in the review is the design since it affects the comfort of the products.

Portable blenders are popular as travel products. Which means many people (including you) will consider the handiness to carry it around. And that’s the main reason why you buy a portable blender instead of a conventional blender, right?


The last aspect we’ll cover is the price. Portable blenders’ prices may vary depending on its features.

It doesn’t mean that the most expensive product will be perfect for you. Everyone has their own needs. So, before buying, you should know what do you want from a portable blender and what you can compromise from it. And maybe you can be satisfied, even not with the most expensive product!

We’ll review Popblender, Blendjet One, and Blendmate One in this post.

PopBabies portable blender

popbabies portable blender

popbabies portable blender

This is one of those portable blenders that can be particularly fascinating to moms with babies. If you want a small but reliable machine to blend nutritious baby food instantly, this could be an excellent choice for you – easy to use, easy to clean, and very safe.

Its battery-powered 175 W motor guarantees the blender has no difficulty blending frozen fruit and veggies, and even ice (just in case you want it). Besides that, it also has a beautiful modern design and turns your interaction with it into a smooth, trouble-free experience.

PopBabies Portable Blender can be charged using USB sockets and comes with a USB cable. Another good thing about it is, unlike many other portable blenders, this one can work while it’s charging.

PopBabies portable blender’s price is $36.99 (on Amazon). For us, it sounds pretty good for all the benefits we’ve mentioned above.

Blendjet One portable blender

BlendJet portable blender

BlendJet portable blender

This compact personal blender can pack quite a punch, thanks to its impressive 7.4V motor. It’s great with what it’s initially supposed to do: making smoothies and other kinds of icy drinks. It chops and blends frozen fruits and veggies, as well as added ice, with high efficiency and precision, which makes it an excellent option for a portable blender.

Blendjet only has a power button. It makes the usage very easy and convenient. You don’t even need to read the manual on how to use it.

This portable blender is designed to hold 12 fluid ounces. It’s enough for 1-2 people in one blending session. But if you need more, you can pour the smoothie first to other cups, and make another blend. After all, Blendjet is capable of making 8-12 cups per charge.

Blendjet is looking fresh with its various colors. There are many colors to choose: Black, Grey, Purple, Blue, Pink, Green, and Hot Pink. If you like having many options to choose from, then go for Blendjet One.

Blendjet One’s price is $84.2 (according to the website), but there’s a discount currently, and you can have it for $42.03. That sounds like a pretty good deal!

Blendmate One portable blender

blendmate one portable blender

blendmate one portable blender

Blendmate One is the most recent brand among them all, but it’s equal with Blendjet in terms of machine power (7.4 V motor). It’s capable of crushing fruits, veggies, even ice, without any worries.

Blendmate One has a cup of juice that holds 12 fluid ounces, which is excellent if you want to make smoothies for 1-2 people. 

Blendmate One is rechargeable with a USB cable but can be recharged even from a power bank. It also has a sleek design that makes it easy to carry and put inside your travel or sports bag.

Blendmate One’s price is $59.99 (on the website). But you can get it for $39.99 if your order now. In terms of price, Blendmate One is equal with Popbabies Blender.

Which one is the best?

There’s no general answer to this. It all depends on your needs as a customer. 

If you want to make smooth baby food and want a bigger cup, then your best product may be PopBabies Portable Blender.

But, if you want a portable blender that is more travel-friendly but still strong enough to make you a chuck-free smoothie. You may choose Blendmate One since it’s cheaper than Blendjet but still offers the same benefits.

What do you think of our review? Have you ever used a portable blender? Share with us in the comment section!

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