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Ultimate Guide to Stay Healthy without Quitting Sweets

Most people wonder where sweets fit, particularly if they are overweight or on a diet, when it comes to healthy eating. The first to go with cutting calories is usually cookies, chips, fast food, and most candy.

Not so easily, experts say.

Either after dinner or afternoon care, treats may be part of a healthy diet when taking into account portion sizes and preferring alternative treatments.

You will fulfill your sweet tooth or salty craving every day by regulating the amount. ‘They should all encourage each other to treat themselves every day because there’s no excuse why a 100- or 200-calorie snack can not fit into a balanced diet’ says Sarah-Jane Bedwell, RD, Nashville nutrition expert.

The experts suggest that when you want more than a sweet treat with a couple of hundred calories, make it more enjoyable physically.

Nutrition experts say that there are eight ways to keep healthy for a good diet with candy and treats.

1. Good Options Stock Up

Do not only count calories. Do not count calories. Try making every calory count instead, so treats and therapies can be nutritious. “Children earn 25% of their snacks’ calories, so you want to make them as nutritious as you can,” says Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD, three of her mothers.

Choose treatments or sweets with 100 to 200 calories and some dietary advantages.

“Read the nutrition label for treatments which contain some nutrients, particularly those which tend to lack in our diets such as fiber, calcium and whole grains” says Bedwell. Pick baked chips, low-fat baked goods, and dark chocolate, nuts, or dried fruits for your sweets.

2. Dessert Natural Go

Children scream for sweets and most of the nights can be a good one. Treat yourself to Mother Nature and use fruit as the basis for desserts.

“Fruit is naturally sweet; plentiful, very nutritious, this season of the year and everybody loves it. Serve fruit sliced with a dollop of milky icing, “says American Dietetic Association spokeswoman, Joan Salge Blake, MS, RD. Or use fruit for the food of top angel, low-fat cake, or ice cream. Fruit allows the portion size and nutritious value of desserts to be increased.

There’s nothing wrong with a calorie-dense cake, cookie, or candy on occasion, but they’re too easy to eat and the tiny portion is not just as satisfying, Blake says.

3. Limit the sweet variety

Variety can be life’s spice, but the regulation of calories means nothing. The greater the variety of food, the more studies indicate that you want to eat.

“Children and adults gravitate to drugs, so restrict what you carry in to avoid temptation,” Ward said. Limit your treatments to a single form of cookie, candy, chip or ice cream.

4. Create 100-calorie treat packs for your own

Save money and make it easy for all to stay safe by making their own snack packs. “Buy economical bags of baked chips, tortilla chips or cookies,” Blake says, then disperse them into separate containers.

5. Adjust your recipes

Replace half the fat with applesauce or canola oil for a healthy redesign of your favorite cookies or cakes. Using full grain pastry food. Put in nutritious foods including dried fruit and nuts.

“You can remove fat, calories and sugar to make them healthy when you make your own treatments,” says Bedwell.

6. Buy single-service Ice Cream portions, cookies and chips

Some treatments like popcorn, cookies and ice cream are so enticing we can’t eat only a small amount. “Purchase single sweets and treats to monitor the portion for you,” Blake says.

Other options to limit servings are to purchase containers of pint size and serve ice cream in a cone.

7. Holding tugging from the building

Some therapies are simple and too difficult to monitor. “Don’t keep any sweets in your family’s house to challenge,” said Ward. She suggests going out or getting them in for special occasions.

8. Freeze your favourites

Easy foods in the freezer can be turned into tasty treatments. Try freezing in paper cups a tub of whipped yogurt, berries or 100 % fruit juice to cool up all the treats in summer.

“Keep frozen fruit bags as a topping on the ice cream, convenient to microwave, or to smoothie and sorbets with a little extra juice or low-fat yogurt,” Blake says. An extra advantage is cold treatments, since they have to be done slowly so that the brain freezing can not be prevented.

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