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The Benefits of Drinking Water After Waking Up

the benefits of drinking water after waking up

Water in our bodies is essential for our life. We can’t survive without water, because it’s part of every bodily function. So we can consider water as a nutrient in a liquid form for our body. You’ll know that you need it even more after you realize that we lose fluid continuously when we breathe, urinate, and even when we sleep.

You’ll Lose Some Body Fluids When You Sleep

Even though you drink a lot of water before going to sleep, surprisingly, you’ll still lose some fluids when you sleep. According to National Sleep Foundation, This happens because of your breathing, especially if you breathe through the mouth or snore while you sleep. Besides that, if your bedroom is too dry or warm, then ‘sit’s also more likely for you to lose extra fluid when you sleep. So, even though you’ll need to hydrate yourself before sleeping, apparently, you’ll also need to hydrate yourself after waking up.

But it’s not all, folks. Here are the benefits of drinking water after waking up!

benefit of drinking water after waking up

benefit of drinking water

  1. Get rid of toxins in the body

Do you know that your body replenishes energy and balances hormones when you sleep? As a result, toxins and other waste materials are released, and they need to be extracted from your body. Now, drinking water after waking up will remove the toxins out of your body. Then after clearing your body, you will just feel great, and you can start to absorb nutrients from your meals.

  1. Your body feel fresher

You know that drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning will remove the toxins out of your body. Well, eliminating these toxins also means you’ll feel fresher, and you’ll make your skin glowing, healthy, and radiant.

  1. Healthy digestive tract

Another thing will happen after the toxins in your body are released –your digestive system will be improved. Besides that, you will also feel less hungry, and your cravings will be decreased. This will prevent you from gaining weight, which is usually caused by overeating.

  1. Stabilize the body’s metabolism

According to NCBI, Drinking water on an empty stomach will increase your metabolic rate by at least 24%. So, drinking water in the morning, in a sense, is similar to waking up your metabolism system, and this has been proven to increase your calorie-burning potential. And that’s not all. Water actually curbs your appetite so that you can control your cravings in the morning. This is a powerful moment to start a healthy lifestyle.

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