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The Future of Health in 2020

future of health

Getting healthy seems to be much more exciting than before, especially after technology rises and brings health trends to a whole different level. The health and wellness industry will surely take advantage of technology to make their products to become not only more reliable but also smarter and more comfortable. Global institutes recently tell visions of what the future of wellness will look like in 2020, and here they are:

Healthier Fridge

Fridge in the future won’t only become an ordinary drawer to stock fruits, vegetables, and foods. Designers will make the fridge become smarter by turning the conventional design to the transparent design that display and store foods correctly, so we can quickly grab the healthier diets than the unhealthy ones.

Green Kitchen

In the future, the kitchen will not only be a place to prepare food. The kitchen will also be the place where you can feel the ingredients by making the kitchen a greener space. On the other side, you’ll also feel healthier by breathing fresher air.

Smart Toilets

Toilets are the most potent tool to analyze your health condition through your waste. That’s why future bathrooms will certainly have intelligent toilets. Besides the analyze tool, there will be many other cool functions like auto-flush.

A custom healthy eating plan

The future health plan will be based on your blood chemistry, hormone testing, genetics, and the gut microbiome. All of the information will help you to get your own personalized diet plans and reduce the possibilities of error, and you can get the most optimized results. If there’s enough information, it’s not even impossible to use the data for research that one day can cure chronic illnesses.

Trendy vegetable

We’ve witnessed how kale, brussels sprout, or other greens had turned trendy for the past years. In the future, the mushroom can be the most stylish health food. Mushroom, especially, shiitake, has a variety of nutrients and vitamins like vitamin B, D, and C. It’s beneficial to improve your immune system and heart health.

What do you think of this list? Which one of the future health trends gives you the most excitement? Share with us in the comment section!

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